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What Clients are Saying About

Go Forward.

“My entire life I have struggled with anxiety and depression. From the outside looking in I was successful and personable, but on the inside I had a deep-seated belief that something was terribly wrong… wrong with me, with my life circumstances, and with my relationships. Ultimately this left me feeling completely disconnected with the universe and hopeless.

I tried medication, cognitive-behavioral therapy, self-help books and nothing seemed to actually make a lasting difference. I was very resistant to “life coaching” at first. But after a year of working with Go Forward. I have learned that this resistance is very common in my life when I attempt to change the toxic patterns that keep me stuck. With Liz’s help I was able to question my belief system and we began to peel back the layers.

We have since coined the term, “professional functioner” to describe how I have been able to live what appears to be a highly-functional life by developing fine-tuned coping skills that have allowed me to overshadow core beliefs of shame and self-hate.

Liz has changed my life! I experience personal breakthroughs on nearly every weekly call and have never felt so aware and full of life. She has a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge, yet she always guides me to my own discoveries while making me feel completely safe.

It honestly feels like I have my own personal, expert guide who is encouraging me, challenging me, and protecting me on my journey of self-discovery.

I highly recommend that anyone expressing a desire for self-exploration should book a call with Liz immediately. My only regret in working with Go Forward. Coaching is that I didn’t start sooner!”

-Jennifer S. - Aldie Virginia (single-mother, non-profit founder, and business professional)


"I began my journey with codependency recovery on my own, using literature and hundreds of YouTube videos. My life was improving and taking a turn for the better, but I knew that I was missing the connection with another person that could understand me, my thoughts, my feelings, my confusions, my dark fears and sadness. I looked in to CODA meetings, but there just aren't that many in my area.


I had met with two different therapist's who specialize in codependency, but I don't think they knew how to help me. One day I picked up a spiritual magazine, desperate and hopeful to find someone or something that could help me---that's when I found Liz's ad and reached out to her. She responded almost immediately and we had our first session the very next day.


I can't say enough about Liz, but I will mention a few things: Liz has a big, kind, and compassionate heart. She is genuinely excited whenever she picks up my calls, and it makes me feel like a million bucks. A calming voice, that makes calls easy and enjoyable to be on. Liz has incredible strength and even more humility. The work that we do can be quite heavy at times, and I truly feel like she is my biggest fan and rooting for me all the way!


I have really spent years trying to find out what's wrong with me, with no real answers--Liz was the first person that actually understood me, and that was so incredible to find. She has offered me so much insight into why I am the way I am, dealing with issues that even go back to early childhood. Liz has helped me with my rebirth in life at 38 years old. I have referred a friend to Liz, and he loves her too--we've both gotten so much out of working with her, and we have even used the tools that she has given us together. I hope to always work with Liz. Do yourself a favor and reach out to Liz, too."

-Michelle A., Real Estate Agent and 12-Step Member -  Bethesda, MD


"Liz helped me better understand the forces that are controlling my life. I’m always pleasantly surprised by her skill at working with my conditioning, Liz showed me how certain beliefs have made me exhausted so much of my energy, unknowingly draining myself and stopping my growth. Even with having my own practice, its been very helpful to seek her opinion. She’s been a real help for me. 

I enjoy our conversation, and always learn something new. "


-Laith A. - College Student - Tennessee



"Liz sent me a life jacket of compassion, understanding and astute insights during one of the most challenging times in my life. Her gentle guidance helped me to uncover many long-standing trauma based patterns. Liz challenged me to see and treat myself differently while supporting me to accept my journey, and unstick my thinking with clarity and softness."

-Alex E, - Business Owner, Maryland


“Liz lives what she teaches.  I have been working with her for the last six months.  She is compassionate and has showed me how to accept myself exactly as I am.  Her coaching is life changing!  I have learned that I don’t have to put myself down and that I am never less than anyone.”


-Laurie, Mother and Grandmother and 12-step Member, NJ

"Liz is a wonderful, loving, caring, compassionate woman. I am grateful to her for helping me in my darkest times."


-Michael T, Washington, D.C.



"Liz is a wise, patient and kind helper. I thank Liz for my new outlook of self-compassion and self-friendship. Liz is an enthusiastic and very pleasant person! ."


-Lana H, Self-Growth Seeker, Baltimore, MD