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Mountain Path

Go Forward.

Transformational coaching  combines a variety of powerful techniques for healing and growth

Stones of Meaning

What to Expect

Weekly phone calls that provide a safe space allowing for self-growth on a individualized path. 


About Me

My life journey has resulted in gaining a rich composite of transformational techniques.

Mountain Path
Stones of Meaning

Go Forward.

Transformational coaching is a powerful inner-focused process that combines techniques for healing and growth.  The following techniques may be used: 

  • Inner Child Work - The powerful healing modality of working with our wounded inner child, as taught by John Bradshaw and others in the codependency field​​*

  • Core Wounds - Releasing core wounds and traumas 

  • Integrating rejected parts of the self*

  • Freeing one's self from the sabotaging and destructive ego-mind

* See "Resources" for further information

Types of  Life Challenges  that Go Forward. can help with:

  • Any areas where you would like to see change

  • Unresolved Grief

  • Relationship Difficulties

  • Difficulties with Money and Prosperity

  • Trauma

  • Unfinished/Unhealed childhood wounds

  • Clearing Blocks to Success

  • Moving Forward with One's Dreams and Life Purpose

What to Expect

When you contact me we'll set up a convenient time for a video or phone call.  During the call,  we'll chat a bit about the areas you would like help with. If you feel comfortable to continue, we'll set up a time for a session to  explore the issue, and see what steps make sense to resolve it.


Setting up a consistent time for the follow-up calls  (weekly, monthly, etc) is important for success. We will develop a system that is flexible to best suit your needs and schedule.

About Me


I spent my adult life pursuing a very fast paced career.  Facing a chronic illness forced me on a journey of healing.  Throughout the years, this path included everything from 12-steps programs, to "talk therapy", and dozens of other healing modalities.

Like many others, I found that "talk therapy" could not resolve trauma, grief, and childhood core wounds. And so I journeyed into the deeper therapies, such as pycho-drama, Jungian therapy, Primal Therapy, and a buddhist practice. This is where I hit "pay dirt" and everything about my life changed.  Life became about infinite possibilities, not lack and deprivation.  I began to see "ego-mind" as the real enemy, not illness and other people. 

I also completed many Imago Therapy workshops with Rick Brown, Executive Director of The Institute for Relationship Therapy. My blissful marriage is a tribute to Imago therapy.  Imago workshops are intensive trainings that look at childhood attachment patterns and how they play out in a marriage.   


Working with trauma has always been an interest of mine. I have attended workshops with Dutch trauma expert Tineke Noordegraaf, including making several trips to Holland to learn more about her powerful technique.  In this methodology, all themes and elements of a trauma are processed to completion.


Currently, I spend one or two weeks a year volunteering at a Zen monastery, where I participate in monastic life.  In addition,  I also participate in week-long Zen workshops during the year.    

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